Sport Of The World

Formula One race drivers are truly people of the world. This is because they truly do travel all over the world to compete and partake in one of the best and fastest sports on the planet. They will go from one continent to another in attempts to prove that they are the best driver in the world and are willing to put their lives on the line in order to prove that. These are people who travel and engage in a sport of speed and danger and think nothing of it as they go around curves to try and see who can maintain control at breakneck speeds.

It truly is a sport of courage and excitement for the drivers as well as the fans who are watching the races take place and occur all over the world. This is an event that people will go and see and enjoy for now and into the future.

Step On The Gas

As one of the most dangerous and exciting sports in the world, Formula One racing takes on a whole new meaning to living on the edge. Here you are strapped into this vehicle going nearly 200 miles per hour that has no cover and a steering wheel smaller than a dinner plate. This is where the true fun open wheel racing gets going though. This is done with twenty to thirty cars in many cases on an oval track. It is here that the fun will really start. For it does not get truly dangerous until the cars start whipping around the track and then suddenly one loses control. Then the domino effect will begin and in no time it will be a multiple car wreck.

Here you will see the test of toughness and endurance as these drivers either maneuver around the accident, or get involved themselves in their tiny vehicles that provide little to no protection for them.